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A series of videos has been produced from Tan Dhammavidu’s 2015 public talks in Hong Kong

It is the first time Tan Dhammavidu’s talks had been filmed, and the first time had given his talks, outside of a Thai Buddhist centre.

He gave instruction on Anāpānasati and Buddha Dhamma. There was also group Meditation practice, question & answer sessions, & even some Suka, helping offset all the talk about Duka.

The videos have been uploaded onto YouTube and are available to view for free.

Please click on each picture to link to the talk.


The first of the six Hong Kong talks.

PART ONE Introducing Buddhadasa -The man and his teaching

PART TWO Introducing The Buddha - What is known about The Buddha and his movement towards enlightenment. Duka and the Four Noble Truths

PART THREE Instruction on the meditation method. The first tetrad of the Ānāpānasati, "Mindfulness with breathing".

The second of the six Hong Kong talks.

PART ONE "Arm Swinging", the recommended cure for "Meditator's back and shoulder pain".

PART TWO "Nīvaraṇāni" - The Five Hindrances or obstacles. The common mental factors that hinder progress in meditation and in our daily lives.

The third of the six Hong Kong talks.

PART ONE The five Buddhist Precepts”

To abstain from killing, taking what is not given, sexual misconduct, false speech, taking mind altering substances

PART TWO The Buddhist principal of Impermanence:

- Anicca - Everything is impermanent

- Anatta - There is no permanent Self or Soul

The fourth of the six Hong Kong talks.

PART ONE The Final Steps of Anāpānasati - The Insight

PART TWO The Four Meanings of Dhamma:

"Nature", "The Law of Nature", "Duty According to the Law of Nature", "The Result of Duty".

PART THREE The Misunderstanding of the Survival Instinct

The fifth of the six Hong Kong talks.

PART ONE "Taṇhā" Craving and the Origin of Self-Belief

PART TWO "Khandhas" The Five Aggregates

PART THREE Reincarnation and the Origin of Superstitious Belief

PART FOUR The Theory of the Transmigrating Soul

The sixth of the six Hong Kong talks.

PART ONE The Problem with the Theory of Reincarnation

PART TWO Psychological Rebirth

- Psychological Rebirth I "Upādāna" The Clinging Mind

- Psychological Rebirth II "Bhava" Becoming

PART THREE Conclusion

Instruction in Anāpānasati Meditation

From the six Hong Kong talks.

In this talk, Tan Dhammavidu gives instruction on the meditation technique:

- Anāpānasati "Mindfulless with Breathing"

Meditation Session

From the six Hong Kong talks.

In this video, Tan Dhammavidu gives a guided meditation introduction to the Anāpānasati "Mindfulness with Breathing” technique, then follows thirty minutes of silence.

PART ONE Guided meditation introduction to Anāpānasati "Mindfulness with Breathing”.

PART TWO Silent meditation

"Buddhism vs. The Matrix"

A student asks Tan Dhammavidu if he has seen “The Matrix”…

Trailer for the Fourth Hong Kong Meditation & Dhamma Talk - 14th of July, 2015