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Dhammavidu is the English monk who for 20 years has given the Meditation and Dhamma instruction at Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage, the famous meditation centre in Surat Thani, Southern Thailand. Presently he is providing the same service at Dipabhāvan Meditation Center, in Koh Samui, also in Southern Thailand.

Website features:
•Instruction in Annapanasati Meditation
•Dhamma Instruction
•Dhammaviddu’s Buddhadasa translations

•Audio recordings


Dhammavidu (Revealer of Dhamma) is an English Monk residing in the Nanachat section of Suan Mokkh Balaram (local name, Wat Tarn Nam Lai).  He has for many years been the mainstay of the monthly foreigner retreats teaching both meditation and Dhamma.  He first came to Suan Mokkh in 1994, sat the January retreat that year, then stayed as a layman in the Dorn Kiem section of Nanachat for nine months before taking novice ordination in Surat Thani at Wat Tridhammaram.  He took full ordination at the same temple six months later, and, apart from brief sojourns in Takiap (Wat Kaw Krailat) and Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia (Mi-Tor-Si temple on Penang Hill) has haunted the area ever since.  He and his alms bowl can be found every morning prowling the main highway just north of Suan Mokkh Balaram, scrounging food.

The Revealer of Dhamma takes pride in the fact that he’s never, ever spent even one night in the main monastery of Suan Mokkh.

Dhammavidu’s services as a teacher can be rented, the fee consisting in enough food, shelter and the cost (tickets etc.) of transporting him back and forth. Any reasonable request will be considered.  Serious enquiries can be made to dhammavidu@hotmail.com

This website will remain fairly static. Updates are more likely to happen on the Tan Dhammavidu Facebook Page.  The administrator for the page, and for this website, may also be contacted there.