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The Suan Mokkh Meditation and Dhamma Talks in audio format

Tan Dhammavidu gives the Meditation and Dhamma instruction at Suan Mokkh every month. Usually, these talks are given in the afternoon of the first seven days of each retreat.

Audio recordings are routinely made of these talks. This page contains a set of those audio recordings, taken from recent talks.

It is suggested that for the purposes of clarity, they are listened to in their entirety in sequential order. 

Each talk is approximately one hour in length.


Day One

Meditation Instruction Pt. 1

1st March, 2014

Day Two

Meditation Instruction Pt. 2

2nd March, 2014

Day Three

Meditation Instruction Pt. 3

3rd March, 2014

Day Four

Meditation Instruction Pt. 4

3rd March, 2014

Day Five

Dhamma Discourse Pt. 1

5th December, 2013

Day Six

Dhamma Discourse Pt. 2

5th December, 2013

Day Seven

Dhamma Discourse Pt. 3

5th December, 2013